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  • Proforma of Service Invoice (5th Jul'2017) -   Law respecting Issue of  “Tax Invoice” , in case of supply of Services, is contained in section 31 (2) of the GST Act and matters contained therein , detailed as under :- 1)      Tax Invoice can be issued only by the ‘Registered Person’. 2)      Tax Invoice is to be issued, ‘before or after  the [...]
  • Detail of Invoices with Proforma Invoices (5th Jul'2017) -   Invoice in common parlance is a document indicating contract between the Buyer and Seller and is generally prepared, in case of sale/purchase of Goods. However, with the imposition of levy of GST on “Supply” under the GST Regime, the “Tax Invoice” shall be document evidence of supply of Goods and services. To continue reading [...]
  • TCS on sale of goods & services (1st Jun'2016) - TCS on sale of Goods or services   In order to reduce the quantum of cash transaction in sale of any goods and services and for curbing the flow of unaccounted money in the trading system and to bring high value transactions within the tax net, With effect from 01.06.2016, Every person, being a seller, [...]
  • KRISHI KALYAN CESS W.E.F 01.06.2016 (28th May'2016) - Krishi Kalyan Cess
  • Swatch Bharat Cess (5th Jan'2016) - Swatch note
  • Reconciliation Return Form no 9 under the Central Sales Tax (Delhi) Rules (14th Aug'2014) - Reconciliation Return Form no 9 under the Central Sales Tax (Delhi) Rules   The Department of Trade & Taxes, New Delhi had vide Notification No. F.3(27)/Fin.(Rev-1)/2013-14/DSVI/292 dated 05.03.2014, had amended rule 4 of Central Sales Tax (Delhi) Rules , whereby every dealer is required to Furnish Reconciliation Return for a year vide Form 9 . [...]
  • CST Reconciliation Return (Form 9) (10th Jul'2014) - The VAT Department of Delhi had , vide Delhi Value Added Tax (Amendment) Rules, 2014 {Notification No. F.3(27)/Fin(Rev-I)/2013-14/dsVI/291 dated 5.3.2014} and Central Sales Tax (Delhi) (Amendment) Rules, 2014 {Notification No. F.3(27)/Fin(Rev-I)/2013-14/dsVI/292 dated 5.3.2014} abolished the form of “Reconciliation Return” in DVAT-51 and has introduced Form-9 for this purpose. Form-9 has been notified under CST law [...]
  • Introduction of Online VAT Orders/Notices (15th Apr'2014) - The Department of Trade & Taxes, New Delhi had vide Order No. F.PS.CTT/MIsc/2014/ dated 11.04.2014priscribed for issuance of all orders including Notices,regarding Objections disposal and/or Assessment to be issued only through relevant system module. The objection Hearing Authority, Special Objection hearing authority , Assistant Commissioner (VAT) and AVATO may additionally issue the same through registered [...]
  • Corporate Identity Number (CIN) Mandatory (5th Apr'2014) - As Per the Newly notified section 12(3) of the Companies Act,2013, with effect from 01.04.2014, every company shall paint or affix its name and address of its registered office in legible letters , outside every office or place of business of the Company. Further, every company shall get under-mentioned particulars printed on all its Business [...]
  • Notification Regarding Submission of Form T-2 online (6th Mar'2014) - Department of Trade & Taxes , New Delhi had vide Notification No F.7(433)/Policy-11/Vat/2012/1332-1342 dated 28.02.2014 reintroduced submission of Form T-2 online, applicable on all dealers , except dealers exclusively dealing in tax free goods, having GTO 1 Crore & more in 2012-13 or on any date in the current financial year on which the Ersten [...]

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