For running any organization, it needs to maintain exhaustive records of its purchase, sale, receipts and payments. This recording of financial transactions is called book keeping.

At GSSV, we help you outsource bookkeeping services and assist you with accountancy experts and professionals.

We offer to our clients full range of accounting and book-keeping services on the latest computerized systems. For small & large business entities, which have different accounting requirements, customized and personalized accounting services are provided. Our accounting & management services include:


  • Checking account reconciliation.
  • Accounts receivable/Payable reconciliation.
  • Capital planning and Investment Management.
  • Separate currency and Investment gain/loss accounting.
  • On line access and timely reporting via the internet.
  • Preparation of management accounts and statutory accounts.
  • Online bookkeeping, that is a boon to the organizations that have multiple offices and want to centralize their accounting departments.

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