In today’s competitive environment, a strong internal control environment is essential to allow the business leaders to concentrate on growth. Our endeavors to provide a robust and risk based audit approach in order to deliver audit related services that addresses the client’s strategic priorities and business processes. Our audit related services are based on a full understanding of the client’s business drivers and the environment in which they operate. The thrust of any audit is to audit for the statutory requirements and also simultaneously report the irregularities and the weakness in the internal control and systems for proper action and rectification. Auditing Services rendered by us include:



Statutory audit is a process of giving an opinion in true and fair manner on the financial information reflected through the company’s financial statement like the Profit & Loss Account, Balance sheet and Cash flow statement.

GSSV has a professionally managed team with proven expertise in the field of financial accounting and management who have been providing advice to wide range of companies with respect to complex accounting procedures in a quick, timely and efficient manner.

GSSV provides specialized services in Statutory Audit in the following:-

  • Preparation of financial statements: We recognizes the management’s needs for submitting timely financial statements with conformity to the industry practices and rules and regulations. We assists clients by helping them prepare financial statements like Cash Flow statement, Profit and Loss Account and Balance sheet that reflects the fair and transparent dealings while conducting any business transactions.
  • Financial review: It helps in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the financial accounting procedures and systems of the company. The deficiencies are addressed by suggesting suitable measures for improvement that ensure quality while meeting the industry accounting standards.


Operational/ Internal Audit is one of the major areas which aid the organization in enhancing business performance by identifying the growth areas with greater scope for improvement. The process of Internal audit helps in reviewing the existing systems and their effectiveness by benchmarking the audit processes and procedures against the best industry practices to meet the global standards.

At GSSV, we have been assisting clients across industries with flexible and result oriented solutions that enhance the organization’s performance by improving efficiency in the business processes.


Tax Audit forms an important part of the corporate planning exercise for the organizations. With sound and effective tax planning strategies in place, organizations can enjoy the benefits of minimizing the associated business risks and liabilities. Tax audit services assist both individuals and organizations with proper tax planning regime in lieu of the taxation laws and industrial regulations by integrating tax planning with the overall business objectives that helps organizations better respond to the changing environment and take advantage of the growing market opportunities.
GSSV has the necessary expertise combined with vast experience in providing value-added services in the area of Tax Audit to individuals and organizations by providing cost-effective and practical solutions that minimize the tax risks and assists companies to extend their business capabilities to reach a wider market while improving profitability.


Information Technology has potential business risks that need to be identified and monitored on a regular basis. Changing technology, rising business threats with new business processes have been introduced into the system which pose a serious challenge to the companies to continuously innovate and keep themselves abreast of the new technologies and skills by complying to the legal and regulatory framework. This becomes a huge deterrent when companies lack the required technical expertise, skilled manpower and time required for ensuring a safe and effective IT audit process.

Thus professional experts who provide Information systems/ Information Technology audit services act as a catalyst in providing the most cost-effective and reliable solutions for the organization. Team GSSV has a rich expertise in the area of providing information systems audit service to many companies by helping them implement flexible and efficient solutions in a quick and timely manner for maximizing the business potential.

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